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Search Engine Optimization

Especially for small and medium businesses the internet is growing by the increasing networking more and more important. Under slogans such as “e-commerce” creates new markets with an ever growing customer potential. Do not let this promising market and miss you too belong to the companies in your industry that benefit from the Internet. We provide our optimization to ensure that you get far up in the results of search engines for relevant terms.

SEO Steps

The Counseling

First we must take a look at your website in order to be able to see the environment in which you place yourself. Then we advise you how the terms should be selected and how the combinations of terms in this environment, loud, after which actually wanted. We would also like to learn from you what you have done in the past for optimization and the methods of optimization are possible and useful. You will also get a custom quote with individual guarantees.

The Concept

For optimization, we have different offers. The offers are primarily after the subject area, where your products and services are moving.
If you are selling a very special product, it is relatively easy to achieve high rankings in the search engines, so the cost is relatively low. But do you offer something in order were there is a big competition, it is just much more difficult to get to the top.
A blanket offer, for example, per term for a fixed amount per month makes no sense, since the requirements for optimization are just very different.

The Optimization

An optimization is long-term. Therefore we provide “unique optimizations” and “ongoing optimization.”
The unique optimization ensures that all the necessary documents for your Web server are generated, so that your website appears in the search engine at the top.
The ongoing optimization ensures that these sites are continuously adapted to the changing requirements of the search engines.
With the necessary optimization, we take the sides even with the major search engines and directories.

The Key Terms

We use a software to automate parts of the optimization in order to work cost-efficient manner. Where human hand is required, we make the tasks just “manually”. The optimization is relatively independent of the number of terms. The key is to find the right terms that are relevant to one for your website and are actually looking for.
Our standard offerings are therefore designed for around 10-30 concepts or concept-combinations. If there are sometimes more or less terms, this is no problem.

The Link Popularity

Google™ has made the topic “Link Popularity” popular with the search engines. Who has many links from other domains on his domain, will be placed higher.
In a network of many websites we integrate your domain to increase the link popularity can. Here, we use also bought links for the PageRank™ of their page.

The Complete Packages

We strive for a long-term relationship with our customers, because only in the long term you can also achieve a lot. It takes a little patience because search engines work partly very slowly. Our packages are designed for one year and offer a price advantage over the individual packets.

Customized Expansion

In addition to the standard optimization we offer with the offer of the “Word Traffic” and “Domain Traffic” to different methods for further improving the rankings. In “Word Traffic” we optimize specifically for individual terms in “Domain Traffic” we rely additional domains in order to improve the rankings.
Whether the use of other domains comes into question for you, is also related to the general marketing strategy along with the theme of “branding”. There will always be decided very custom, what methods should be used and which are at all meaningful.

The Next Steps

According to the contract agreed we take optimizing your website. We optimize and create new pages and submit your website to the search engines again. Within the agreed period (usually three months) you will receive a report on your rankings in the search engines for the agreed terms and phrases. Based on this report you can follow the rankings.
We already have many years experience in this field. Generally we stick to our 10-point plan, which we operate in the long term with our customers successful search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimization